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Project: My newest video and first advertisement I made for a company called swisshawaiian. Shot within the stunning scenery of Niederhorn​ and Lake Brienz, Switzerland​. Shot with a Nikon D800E, a SmallHD DP4 and some SmallRig gear.

Project: A video I shot & edited about SCI Switzerland’s event ‘Intercultural Evening’. A regular event where each time a different country is presented to the visitors. This time you had the chance to immerse in the culture and traditions of Bulgaria, a small but beautiful country in the middle of the Balkans. The Bulgarian guests presented their national costumes, music, traditions, dances and food.

Project: A video I shot & edited for a crowdfunding-campaign for the project „In-visible theater“ – Young adults with multi-cultural background work on the topic of racism in the public. At the end they create a theatre play about racism, which they perform in public spaces. Without knowing, the passers-by become actors in this play. Afterwards they will be informed and get the chance to discuss the topic.

Project: Short film I shot and edited about the Human Library project in Berne 2014: So called “human books” offer to talk about their stories to other people in an public event. It gives the “readers” an opportunity to ask questions they would not dare to ask in normal life and question and reduce their prejudices. (Subtitles in English / German available)