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  • As one of the many wonders of the medina (old city) of Fez the tanneries are dating back more than nine centuries being among the oldest in the world.
  • The production line from dying, drying, manufacturing and selling leather products in one place hasn‘t changed much here since the last 900 years.
  • Leather slippers, purses, coats, jackets and all kinds of bags are sold in the narrow souk-stalls around the tanneries. From here the merchants let you have a glimpse at the vast number of stone vessels which are filled each week with different dying colors. (left) Everything here is still handmade which is not an easy job for the dyers as the smell of the ammoniac and the dove dung is very intense. (right)
  • Since hundreds of years the dyed skins of goats and cattle are dried directly under the hot Moroccan sun on the rooftops surrounding the tanneries before they are processed inside the buildings.

Project: The city of Fez is a must-do-stop on the route through colorful and intense Morocco. It is visually as well as sensually a very impressive experience.


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