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  • Once a year international volunteers come to Switzerland to get training for their worldwide assignments in workcamps of Service Civil International.
  • After the preparation seminary the volunteers will be assigned from two weeks up to one year either in Switzerland or abroad.
  • Some of them receive special training to be camp coordinators. In their assignment they will be responsible for the other volunteers but work with the group as well.
  • Team building is an essential part in volunteer work in which up to twenty people from different cultural and social backgrounds try to reach a certain goal.
  • The international organization was founded in Switzerland after the First World War. The main goal was to bring former war parties together to help rebuild cities that were destroyed during the war.
  • Beside the work which is done in over 90 countries by the thousands of SCI volunteers each year fun, friendships and a better understanding of foreign cultures are among the most valuable outcomes of this form of engagement.

Project: SCI Switzerland is an international volunteer organization that supports social and ecological projects worldwide. During two days, the volunteers of this NPO are prepared for their working assignments as camp coordinators or participants in work camps all over the world.


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