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  • Linda Deborah Loosli feels at home in the Swiss City of Basel. For a portfolio shoot we captured the classical singer at some spots of her hometown she shares memories with.
  • For a classical Soprano who performs in operas this was quite an unconventional portfolio shooting. But she wanted pictures where her personality is visible instead of classical opera singer portraits.
  • Linda showed me some of her favorite places from her childhood. When we arrived she immediately seemed to connect to these locations.
  • A stepping stone for the world? - The German railway station Badischer Bahnhof in Basel is the only railway station in the world which lies on foreign territory.
  • With its mixture of industrial areas, residential neighborhoods, nature and downtown districts, the city of Basel resembles the variety of the artist, who performs in classical operas, teaches singing classes in a music school and directs her own women choir.
  • The old stadium close to her home was the last stop on our tour through „her“ Basel, a very personal sightseeing like no tourist will ever experience.

Project: The goal of this portfolio shooting was to show the classical singer in a – for the genre – rather unconventional way. We developed the idea to show her in a quite personal way in the context of her hometown of Basel. But instead of taking classical monuments and tourist spots as backgrounds, we decided to make a little tour to her favorite places. The result reflects the intimate connection between the artist and the city.


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