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  • Running around laughing just a minute ago he gets very serious for the picture (left). Everyday life changed for the 50 kids, partly asylum seekers, partly Swiss youngsters from the nearby village when a circus set its tent for a week in the backyard of the asylum center (right).
  • The circus is supported by international volunteers who help the kids develop and rehearse a program for their big performance in front of their parents at the end of the week.
  • The circus succeeds where public authorities fail. It brings together the local community and the asylum seekers - children and parents as well - and therefore creates solidarity and reduces prejudice.
  • Coming from all parts of the world the children of the asylum seekers soon build close friendships. If and how long they last often depends on the decision if the application for asylum is granted or not.
  • The kids wait together with their parents sometimes for years for a decision about their application for asylum in Switzerland. Living in the middle of nowhere, they are happy for every change in their daily routines.

Project: Circus Lollypop is part of a charitable organization that works with children on a non-profit basis. In cooperation with Service Civil International they offered in 2013 a circus week for the asylum seeking children in the village of Schluein, Switzerland.


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